Jerry and Barbara Hamlin celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Jan. 14, 2017. They were married at the Methodist church in Boulder, Montana, in 1967 and celebrated their reception at the Diamond S Ranch Hotel.

Jerry and Barb have been blessed with two sons, Bret and Kirk, and seven grandchildren. Their son Bret and wife, Elizabeth, along with their seven children, Wyatt, Jaycee, Peta, Millie, Rae Lynn, Milla and Abel, reside in Helena and their son Kirk lives in San Francisco. They are also blessed with a special "adopted" daughter and son-in-law, Nathan and Michele Elliott, and two granddaughters, Rachel and LaVinia of Libby.

Barbara said she fell in love with Jerry in the fourth grade. They were high school sweethearts, best friends and have remained so for these 50 years.

Both Jerry and Barb graduated from Carroll College. Barb graduated in dental hygiene and worked in the dental field for 12 years before joining Jerry in the building and real estate business. Jerry graduated in accounting and has worked, and is still running, the construction, real estate and development businesses. They have operated Hamlin Construction & Dev. Co, Inc for over 40 years while building over 900 homes in the Helena area.

The Hamlin's received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior at Helena First Assembly of God in 1973 and have been active members of the church since then. They consider the church to be part of their extended family and thank God for His many blessings on their business and personal lives over the years and especially for His blessing on their marriage. "Our lives together get better with each passing year and we look forward to every day together until the Lord takes us home", says Barbara.

We are excited to see what God has in store for us in the years to come as we spend our remaining years together.