Jim Schultz, Helena

I kind of follow with an old guy from Idaho, Idaho Blackie, who said, if God intended us to vote, he would have given us candidates. Idaho Blackie was IWW, Industrial Workers of the World. What I’m seeing is the rise of the demagogue, particularly Donald Trump. That’s what a demagogue does — takes complex issues and makes them simple, but they’re not simple. Rather than creating viable policy, all they’re doing is capitalizing on the attitude. The presidential race is kind of tailored for his approach. I’m pretty disappointed the way this is going. On the other hand, it’s money and politics. You follow the money and politics is close behind. I think there needs to be a change, and we’re looking at gridlock. Eight years of gridlock creates frustration for many people. Oftentimes they’re willing to do and just follow a certain philosophy that suits their anger rather than their intellect. I don’t know there’s anybody that I particularly like. I’ve pretty much followed an independent streak all my life, a progressive independent streak. I’m a historian and you look back on history and this isn’t new. In Montana politics there was Marcus Daly and William Clark. We weathered that and we’ll weather this.

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