Thank you to Nancy Ballance and her cohorts from Ravalli County for making the special session such a success. I was particularly relieved to hear that it proved to be both efficient and effective.

According to Ballance, there were “thousands of letters from people saying ‘Please raise taxes. We need these services,'” which meant nothing to her, as she was determined to not raise taxes because it only hurts “vulnerable people who are already struggling” (in her opinion).

And thanks to all the Republicans who overestimated Montana’s revenue in the first place, resulting in overspending earlier this year. That, in combination with the horrendous fire season, contributed to this budget crisis as much as anything. Yet, you continue to blame Gov. Steve Bullock. Why can’t you take responsibility for your part in it?

Most Republicans went to Helena for the special session with the attitude that they knew best what was good for the residents of Montana and, right from the start, refused to consider any ideas that the Democrats had.

Hopefully their efforts will be remembered at the next election as people suffer the consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

Please remember to register to vote.

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Diane Magone



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