Helena City Commission candidate Heather K. O'Loughlin

Heather K. O'Loughlin, for Helena City Commission 

Thom Bridge, thom.bridge@helenair.com

Heather K. O'Loughlin

Age: 36

Address: 603 Tamarack St.

Contact info: heather4helena@gmail.com

Education: Bachelor's in business-finance and economics and law degree from the University of Montana

Occupation: Co-director for the Montana Budget and Policy Center, a nonprofit research organization based in Helena that focuses on budget policies and its impact on low- and moderate-income families in Montana.

Relevant experience: I have devoted my career to working in public policy, including federal, state, and local policies, including housing, education, tax and budget policy. I spend my days digging into budgets but also thinking about how policy decision impact our day to day lives. I want to take that experience to the city commission.

Why are you running for this office?

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I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this community and have the opportunity to raise my young daughter in Helena. I believe this is my opportunity to give back to a community who has already given my family so much. I am also very interested in the day-to-day work of the city and how the city commission can support that work. For me, serving on the city commission fits my detail-oriented background, and I think I have an important and unique perspective to bring -- as a mom and as the director of a nonprofit in Helena.

What do you hope to accomplish in this office?

First, I am interested in digging into our budget to find ways that we can improve the daily service that we as Helenans rely upon. This will be my focus. Second, I am eager to dig into the work that City Commission has already done in setting forward a growth plan and a vision for our downtown and midtown areas. I want to really start thinking about the steps we take to make that vision a reality. The city commission should be considering ways it can help identify solutions for housing and increase smart development happening in the core areas of our city.

Why should people vote for you?

I've worked hard through this campaign, meeting hundreds of voters in their homes. I am a person that is willing to listen to all sides, and I commit to being transparent and available to Helenans, to hear what is most important for them. I am a hard worker, action-oriented, and understand the implications of policy changes on our lives. It would be an honor to serve Helenans on the city commission.


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