Helena artist Bonnie Lambert photography

Pieces hung in the "Hall of Lesser Pleasures" exhibit at the Holter feature Helena artist Bonnie Lambert's art utilizing photography and collage. 

Thom Bridge,thom.bridge@helenair.com

“My art is a celebration of the cast off, dried up and thrown away,” said Bonnie Lambert of her new works on exhibit in the Bair Gallery at the Holter Museum of Art. “I find beauty in them.”

She calls her artworks that combine photos with found objects “photographic constructions.”

The show’s whimsical title, “Hall of Lesser Pleasures,” is inspired by a quote that caught her imagination in a novel about the French Revolution.

Lambert’s photo collages are hand built, rather than using Photoshop.

She chooses a large photo as her canvas, adds objects on top of it, photographs the multi-layered construction and then prints it.

Some photos of herself that she was first tempted to tear up, she’s instead used as her inspiration.

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One of these is part of perhaps her most arresting work. Around a large portrait shot, she arranged a profusion of dried flowers that seems almost an ornate headdress. And on her eyeglasses, she’s attached postage stamps of the eclipse.

“Broadly speaking...a lot of my works ...are about me getting old,” she said. “I’m not fresh and young and pretty. That’s what my photos are about.”

She gives an artist talk 11 a.m. Saturday, April 7.

-- Marga Lincoln, for the IR


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