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Bella is a 2yr. Border Collie /Husky X looking for a quiet and gentle home. This lovely lady is considered shy and timid. She does very well with other shy dogs. Children would be too much for this lady. Bella is looking for peace and quiet with a loyal owner to call her own.

Gypsy is a 3 yr. old Lab X. Gypsy has had extensive obedience training and is eager to please the right owner. She has not had a rosy upbringing and is looking for a compassionate, gentle owner. Gypsy is fearful of strangers at times but once she knows you she is a people pleaser. Gypsy gets along great with other dogs big and small. She is very playful and loves ball play! Will you give Gypsy a chance at a good life?

Hazel is a 1 yr. old Brindle Pit Bull who was found abandoned in Townsend. She does know some obedience including sit/stay/down and shake. Hazel scored high on trainability and friendliness. Hazel is quite playful with her furry friend but she relaxes nicely too. Her favorite things include ball play and water aerobics!

Luna is a 5 yr. old Shepherd/CollieX. Luna was turned in because she likes scrumptious chicken more than she likes her dull, boring dog food. Can you blame her? Minus devouring a few chickens she’s a real sweet girl. Luna plays well with most of her dog friends. She is considered moderate energy level and she knows how to chill. Luna would do well in a home away from the farm. A fenced yard is a must! Luna enjoys quiet times, long walks and just good ole conversation.

Meizy is a 4 yr. old white Husky X. Meizy is a quiet, timid and mellow girl. She is trying to adjust to the stressful life at the shelter and would rather get out of here and go to a nice quiet home. Meizy does well on a loose leash. She is a very sweet and forgiving girl. Meizy does well with dogs that are nice and relaxed. One thing we do know is that she does not like cats. This girl must go to a cat free home with a loving and warm heart!

Mika is a 2yr. old Shepherd/Husky X. What a beauty this little girl is. She has one blue and one brown eye that makes her very unique looking. Not only is she beautiful but she is easy to manage. Her leash manners are very good. Mika does well with other dogs too. She is a bit playful at times but she also likes to hang out with her pals. She is considered moderate energy level but enjoys staying active. Mika loves to go for hikes, daily walks and possibly swimming as she likes to stand in our dog pools and wade around.

Opal is a 1 yr. old Lab. Opal enjoys playing with certain dog pals. Currently Opal is enrolled in daily obedience class. Opal is a bit cautious of strangers but is very puppy like with the people she knows. She enjoys water and ball play. Come and take a look at Opal! She is young, fun and full of life!

Petey is a 2 yr. old Mixed breed that was found wandering around on Cannon Street. This handsome boy is full of fun and antics. He enjoys playtime with his furry friends. Petey walks well on a leash and is quit the friendly guy! We hope you love Petey!

Roddy is a 1 yr old Rottweiler X who was sadly abandoned. Roddy is a very handsome guy as you can see from his picture. He is very small for the Rottie breed. Roddy loves to go for daily walks but be careful he likes to untie your shoes before he gets walking. Roddy also loves to play ball. He will retrieve the ball over and over. Roddy would do best as the only pet but has potential to get along with the right dog. He is considered dog selective. Roddy would do best with older teens on up since he loves to play with your shoestrings. Roddy has passed his obedience class with flying colors. He knows how to heal, sit, stay, down and come.

Sirius is a super sleek looking 5 yr. old Chow X. He is a mellow fellow and he gets along nicely with his dog pals. Sirius is quit serious about chilling and relaxing. He would make a great dog for someone who enjoys the great outdoors. His leash manners are great and he is just one well rounded dog who loves human attention. Sirius would make a great watchdog as he is a bit suspicious of strangers.

Albert Feline-Stein is a 10 yr. old grey medium haired cat in need of a home to call his own. He is friendly and very affectionate. When it comes to other cats and dogs he would adjust nicely given a little time. He is still active and enjoys children over the age of 5. Come take a look at this smart guy.

Bartholomeow is a sweet boy who wandered in as a stray. His age is unknown due to lack of teeth. He may be toothless but he has a heart of gold and gets along well with other cats and respectful dogs. Currently Bartholomeow is in foster but is still seeking a permanent home.

Cattpucino is a 4 yr. old stray brown tabby. What could possibly be better than a heart warming cappuccino on a summer day? How about a cat-puccino! This coffee colored kitty with a deliciously sweet personality is looking for a lap to fur-ever live on. We promise that if you give this fantastic feline a home she will melt your heart!

Faux Paw is a 6 yr. old grey and white Tabby looking for a relaxed home. She gets along nicely with other cats and she would most likely adjust nicely to a dog who can respect her space. Stop by Petco today and meet Faux Paw. She’s a cutie for sure!

Jasmine is a 1yr. old Calico Tabby picked up as a stray. Here at the shelter she is our social butterfly. Jasmine likes to make the rounds with all of the kitties as she mingles with the crowd. She also gets along nicely with most of her dog friends too. She enjoys the company of kids of the age of 6. Big windows with lots of sun are also a must for this bathing beauty. What can I say she is quite the popular gal.

Kitty Wampus This gorgeous gal came into the shelter as a stray. She has a semi smushed in face which makes us think that she may have a little Persian in her. She is extremely affectionate and loves being stroked around her face. She will climb right up into your lap if you'll let her and she'll stay there until you make her move. She is extremely people oriented and would do just fine with kids. This gal is extremely laid back so we believe she'd get along with canines and possibly a feline sibling. Kitty Wampus is a wonderful kitty and any home would be lucky to call her their own!

Leonardo Di-CAT-prio is a one yr. old kitty that is still looking for a home to call his own. He loves chasing anything that moves and he would love to have someone play laser with him. He is truly wonderful with other felines and could adjust nicely to a cat friendly dog. Won’t you give Leonardo a home?

Meet Lexie! Lexie was turned in after being mauled by a dog which resulted in her having her tail completely amputated. She is extremely forgiving and still trusts people and animals of all forms. She is very affectionate and loves cuddling up in your lap and receiving as much attention as possible. We would prefer if Lexie went to a home with mellow dogs just so that she doesn't live constantly afraid but she would love to have several feline companions of her own and possibly even a kid over the age of two.

Mister is a 3yr. old Russian blue x arrived at the shelter after he was abandoned by his family. Mister is only lacking one thing and that would be the rest of his tail! He just has a little stub. However he doesn't let his lack of tail slow him down, he will love you up one side and down the other. Mister is a very friendly feline who gets a long well with two legged and four legged creatures of all sorts. He could make a wonderful addition to any home with kids over the toddler age. If you're looking for a handsome and affectionate new family member than look no further!

Precious is a 1 yr. old black medium haired owner turn in. This unlucky girl ended up at the shelter after the landlord caught a glimpse of her in the window of a supposed no pets allowed home. Precious may be in the dog house but one thing we know for sure is that she loves to cuddle no matter where she ends up. She is a well rounded girl as she gets along nicely with her other feline friends. Precious also enjoys the company of kids and would most likely adjust to a well mannered canine. Precious is ready to go home to a cat approved home!

Sirona is a 2 yr. old grey long haired cat with some strikingly unique crossed eyes. She is a quiet little girl and appreciates the quiet life. Kids may be too much for this kitty cat. Sirona would enjoy a nice quiet home to call her own.

Sweet pea is a 4 yr. old muted Calico Tabby that drew the short end of the stick. This sweet girl was shuffled around from family to family member trying to keep her out of the shelter. Unfortunately, nobody could keep this darling so she is living under our roof. Sweet pea is a little unsure of other cats but would probably do ok with another mellow cat in the home. Sweet pea was named after her sweet personality and she is ready and waiting for a permanent home.

Surgery Fee
Total Fee
Altered Cat $35 $0 $35
Unaltered Male Cat $35 $30 $65
Unaltered Female Cat $35 $50 $85
Altered Dog $35 $0 $35
Unaltered Male under 65 lbs. $35 $50 $85
more than 65 lbs. $35 $55 $90
Unaltered Female Dog, under 65 lbs. $35 $65 $100
more than 65 lbs. $35 $75 $110

With each adoption you will receive:

  • Free veterinary exam
  • First vaccination
  • Pet care package
  • Food samples
  • Care & training information
  • A wonderful pet